A Lesson To Remember

Mark Frenchy is an entitled, arrogant, french asshole.  So, I decide to teach him a lesson- a lesson he’ll remember for once…   You can learn with each new behavior modification technique that I use on him, what it is that I do, and do not, like or tolerate.  

A Lesson To Remember

Januarys Sex Slave

January’s Sex Slave

Domonique Flowers is hot.  LIke, really, really hot.  And she is one scandalous hussy!   Immediately after meeting her I started fantasizing about putting her into some bondage, and making her my bitch via bondage, and controlling her orgasm.  Watch me defile her here:  

January’s CBT toy

      Wolf Hudson is a bad, bad boy.  I made sure to wear my “Enjoy Cock” tshirt for our CBT and BDSM playdate, because I had plans to truly enjoy his cock.  Wether or not he enjoyed it was inconsequential.   Watch and hear him scream here:

January's cbt toy

Exposed and a Game of Chance

Game Of Chance

        Mistress January Seraph and Her friend, Miss Olive, play some evil games with one of January’s slaves, jimmy broadway. Poor jimmy never stood a chance….  More Here

Extreme Workover by Domina Athena Fatale

Domina Athena works over her slave’s entire body for her amusement. She starts off by cropping her slave’s ass and chastised balls, then gives him a severe flogging. Athena puts a pair of severe clamps on her slave’s nipples, then spanks his ass with a wooden paddle. Athena binds her slave to a cross and […]

Extreme Workover by Athena Fatale